Steve Mallion

My Achievements:

Instructor - Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan (2nd Dan Black Sash Grade under Grandmaster Kim Han)

Instructor - Wujiquan (All Emptiness Fist)

My Background:

My 6 year old daughter started the Chinese Boxing classes at KIXX Martial Arts Club in early 2010 and soon after, I started training in Wujiquan as the classes were conveniently on at the same time.

After training for a short time I was introduced to Pushing Hands and Wuzuquan and then commenced attending these classes as well.

In September 2019, at an assessment of the first 8 characters of Wujiquan, I was awarded a distinction and the title of Assistant Instructor.

In May 2022, after 12 years of learning Wuzuquan, I was awarded a 2nd Dan Black Sash by Grandmaster Kim Han.

When I started training I did not expect to achieve all that I have, I cannot thank Nigel and Tracy enough for their time, knowledge and patience.

Practicing Styles of Martial Arts:

Nan (South) Shaolin Wuzuquan (5 Ancestors Fist)
Nan (South) Shaolin Wujiquan (All Emptiness Fist)


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