Marcus Ansell

Started training: January 2001 as a Tai Chi student.

Competition successes: These include a number of gold, silver and bronze medals, most noticeably at the BCCMA International Invitational Tournament held at the British Army Technical Foundation College in Berkshire on the 2nd June 2002 where I won a silver medal in the Qing Da fighting. I also achieved a gold medal in 2006 for the short / long stick weapons sparring at the BNMAA World championships held at the Crystal Palace National sports centre in London.

Grading successes: My yellow sash on the 7/7/01, my black sash on the 9/12/06, my 2nd Dan Black Sash on the 2/12/12 and my 3rd Dan Black Sash on the 16/2/20.

Achievements: Being invited to join the KIXX Team and competing in so many events that I have lost count and after leaving the team being invited to act as assistant coach. Also achieving my black sash and receiving my instructor’s certificate.

Hobbies and Interests: Apart from Martial arts I like reading (Stephen King is my favourite author), a good pint of bitter, cinema, holidays in the sun and food!

Career highlights: Going to China on a fact-finding expedition for my company to ensure that the goods we purchased were ethically produced.

What I enjoy about training at KIXX: They never gave up on me even when I was quite incompetent… I still have so much to learn and unfortunately with that comes much scope to be even more incompetent, but I know they will always help me and others like me who want to learn, as I now help my students.

Styles of Martial Arts

  • Northern Shaolin (KIXX Chinese Boxing)

  • Southern Shaolin Wuzu Quan (5 Ancestors Fist)

  • KIXX-A-CISE exercise program (KIXX Boxing, Gutz n Butz)


  • 3rd Dan Black Sash, KIXX Chinese Boxing

  • 2nd Dan Black Sash, Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan

  • Qualified KIXX Chinese Boxing Instructor

  • KIXX Junior Squad Assistant Coach

  • Enhanced DBS Checked

  • Instructors Indemnity Insurance (Towry Law)

Personal Goals

To help one of my students get to black sash standard. A 4th Dan for me would be nice too!


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