TWO DAY COURSE Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan-Chee Kim Thong UK/EUR [Han Jin Yuan]

Exploring Sanzhan Course at KIXX Martial Arts Club

The above Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan course was held at the KIXX Martial Arts Club full time training facility in Maidstone, Kent on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of June 2024. We were very pleased to welcome senior instructors and students from the UK, Ireland, Norway and students from Holland to the event. Not all of the attendees were students of Wuzuquan but because of the course emphasis of hands-on contact, all of them could practice and benefit from the group.

Joint Chief Instructor Nigel Gilham, Senior Instructor Tracy Gilham (UK), Senior Instructor Ian Gauron (UK), Senior Instructor Robert Bannon (IRE) and Senior Instructor Peter Dillon (IRE) gave much appreciated presentations that elaborated on; partner contact training, mental and physical preparation, practice and objectives. We were also pleased to have Senior Instructor Martin Nsubuga (NOR) present over the two days.

The range of topics used for practice each day included the Sanzhan Form, stance training with stance base (rooting), Chi Gong breathing and relaxation, Sanzhan partner catching (sensing and timing), conditioning (limb knocking, limb knocking set and set sparring routines), free style catching (fixed stance base), reaction training and self-defence applications. A continuous changing of partners was used to help turn theory into practice to adapt to new opponents and new conditions (intent, physical differences, range, etc). It was very important for everyone to understand and apply technique alongside objectives and new constraints.

On both days the groups observed a one minute silence in memory of Grandmaster Han who sadly passed away on the 11th June 2023. Almost a year to the day.

We would like to thank everyone who invested their time and energy on either one or two of the days. We sincerely hope that everyone managed to tune in to applying the theory in more demanding situations.

If anyone would like more information, please get in touch via this website...

Nigel Gilham

Appointed Joint Chief Instructor

A few photos from the 9th June...

A few photos from the 8th June...

RIP Grandmaster Han Jin Yuan


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