The Funeral of Shizu Han Jin Yuan on the 30th June 2023

We like to thank Shizu Hans family for organising the funeral which was very attended. It was nice to see so many friends but under such sad and difficult circumstances.

A Eulogy for Shizu Han Jin Yuan (aka Shizu Han Kim Sen) read by both Nigel Gilham and Richard Timmis

It is an honour for us to say just a few words of reflection in front of Shizu Hans family and so many of his highly regarded students.

Our memories of GM Han are more martially related, though we did get to know more of both him, Sue, and his family as time went on.

Many of those present will have their own memories of GM Han so, ours start in the mid to late 80's when we first met GM Han who was the then GB Wushu Team Coach and we were members of the GB Squad. Please remember that GM Han proved to be one of the most successful GB Wushu coaches in BCCMA history.

We were then very proud to join with other notable members of his clubs from both here and abroad, to represent him on his trips to the annual Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan Friendship Meetings and Competitions in the Far East. We did not fail to notice the high esteem held for GM Han in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, to name just a few...

GM Hans dedication GM Xu Jin Dong (Shizu Chee Kim Thong) is truly evident to everyone involved with the production of his books, encyclopaedia; The Fundamentals of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan.

We have not done GM Han justice with so few words. Everyone here has their own memories of his skill, single mindedness (Yi), kindness and compassion.

Please note that GM Han entrusted the future of his Club and Wuzuquan (GM Chee) to ALL of US with the following words by text message sent to Nigel on the 6th of June...



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