Chinese Martial Scrolls

KIXX Martial Arts is very proud to have been presented with the set of scrolls opposite.

In December 2013 whilst in Malaysia I asked my good friend Kean Chong for advice on who would be the best person to write a Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan scroll for KIXX Martial Arts Club. He said the scroll needed to be created by a martial arts master and renowned calligrapher. This combination would enhance the strokes and create a martial ‘atmosphere’ to help convey the correct martial sentiment for the display.

With that in mind, Chong kindly arranged a meeting with Mr Tan Gianseng from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He is a senior practitioner of Shen Long Tai Chi, a teacher of Mandarin and a former school headmaster and well known for his excellent calligraphy. Following an ‘interview over cups of Chinese tea’, he agreed to create a suitable scroll to convey the history and future purpose of KIXX Martial Arts Club.

The top scroll: ‘Nan Shaolin Wuzu’ (read from right to left).

The left hand scroll: A poem about ‘enhancing our style (wuzuquan) and growing in knowledge’ (more detailed meaning on request).

The right hand scroll: A poem about ‘ spreading the style (wuzuquan) out of China and overseas’ (more detailed meaning on request).

The centre scroll: The Five Ancestors plus Xian Nu and Wu Mei to complete the group (Damo Grand(first)master, Baihe, Xiannu, Wumei, Lohan, Singzhe and Taizu).


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